Email is still the top delivery vehicle for malware, including ransomware, and a preferred method of attackers because of the effectiveness. Phishing attacks have only been increasing and evolving to bypass modern security appliances, endpoint protection, and user awareness training. Join us for an overview of the phishing attack vector landscape and learn:

  • How phishing attacks affect organizations
  • The process behind crafting and activating a phishing attack
  • What to do to be proactive in protecting your organization


Aamir Lakhani
Aamir Lakhani Sr. Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs Aamir has designed offensive counter-defense measures for the Department of Defense and national intelligence agencies. He leverages his expertise as a leading senior security strategist on the FortiGuard Labs team.



Find out why "Don't Click This Link" could keep you from being a victim of this popular attack tactic.