New Reasons

FortiOS 6.0

is the Leading Security

Operating System

CISOs are excited about FortiOS 6.0

“I get automated workflows, integrated audit and compliance services and industry benchmarking to deliver a next level of cybersecurity management and control – just what I need to be successful.”

Technical professionals are excited about FortiOS 6.0

“I now have integrated SD-WAN capabilities which prioritizes a robust security posture while enabling zero-touch deployment, granular application prioritization, and traffic shaping.”

WEBINAR: FortiOS 6.0 Launch

The security challenges facing organizations today can't be solved with traditional approaches. Digital transformation is creating an unending digital attack surface, point solutions are creating unprecedented complexity, and threats are constantly becoming more sophisticated.

Watch our webinar to learn how FortiOS, the most deployed network security operating system in the world, solves today's security challenges with broad coverage, massive integrations, and time-saving automation. Specifically, learn the details on revolutionary new features that deliver better protection in all areas of the network.


Additional Resources

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  • 3 Criteria for Better Network Security

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