Say Goodbye to IOT Security Worries


The proliferation of IoT devices has given rise to a new challenge for enterprises. With devices connecting and disconnecting, today’s networks are constantly in a state of flux.

In part four of the Security-Driven Networking webinar series, Fortinet will share how FortiNAC secures IoT environment by providing comprehensive device visibility, enforces dynamic controls, and orchestrates automated responses to contain the threats and prevent it from infiltrating the network.

Join the webinar to learn how Fortinet's Network Access Control gives you the network visibility to see everything connected to the network and the ability to control the devices and users.


  • Wong Ching Ping Senior Business Development Manager
    Fortinet SEAHK
  • Daniel Hwang Regional Cybersecurity Specialist for Secure Unified Access
  • C.P. is responsible for driving greater adoption of Fortinet’s Fabric solutions. Before Fortinet, C.P. spent more than ten years in Product Development and Engineering with a leading Telco in Southeast Asia, bringing new technologies and solutions to the market. C.P. holds a Master of Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a MBA from the University of Manchester.

  • Daniel has well over a decade of experience as both a network engineer and solution architect designing, building, securing, and operating large IP, Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet networks. In his current role as Secure Unified Access consulting engineer at Fortinet, he is expressing that passion by helping clients build bigger, faster, more efficient IT infrastructure that is both more secure and easier to operate and scale.


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