John Maddison Discusses FortiOS 6.2

Hear from Fortinet executive vice president of products and solutions provide an overview of the new features and capabilities FortiOS 6.2 has to offer.

Key Benefits

FortiOS 6.2 enables integrated security solutions for global organizations and providers of all sizes.



Enhance routing speed and performance from headquarters to branch with new SD-WAN capabilities.

Small Business

Small Business

Secure data from network edge to public multi-cloud environments with a unified solution to save resources.

Service Provider

Service Provider

New Security Fabric integrations and connectors unlock new possibilities and partnerships.

Top Technical Features


Fortinet Product-Fabric Integration

Register to a device by exerting the IP and credentials under the Security Fabric setting. Telemetry info from the device will be captured via standardized APIs and presented within FortiOS.


Forward Error Correction

Sends extra data with each packet, enabling lost packets to be reconstructed on the other side and minimizing the number of re-transmissions that need to happen.


Interface-based Traffic Shaping

Creates shaping groups and assigns traffic allocations based on the percentage of bandwidth on each shaping profile.


Extended FortiMeter Support

Support major public cloud environments. Allow instances to fall back to the public FortiGuard service for service entitlements.


Automated Actions based on Triggers

Automate functions for Azure and Google Cloud Platforms as well as actions for NSX quarantine and CLI scripts.


FortiOS 6.2 Live Release Webinar

Don’t miss the chance to hear firsthand about the evolution of the Security Fabric from John Maddison. Find out how FortiOS 6.2 brings over 300 new innovations to Fortinet’s products and solutions portfolio, enabling organizations to unlock new possibilities with a security-driven network.

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