Secure SD-WAN - Staying Secure When the Internet is the New WAN



The move of data and applications to the cloud has put pressure on the WAN; users need good performance which usually means high bandwidth and low latency. However, specialist WAN technologies such as MPLS are expensive, and can't always meet the requirements of visibility, flexibility, control, resiliency and efficiency.

By being transport independent, SD-WAN technologies are able to automatically share traffic across different types of internet links to choose the best route.

Now you can use relatively inexpensive broadband links alongside – or instead of – more expensive dedicated WAN technology, and offer application level SLAs to users.

Fortinet is the leader in the latest generation of SD-WAN solutions where the whole of the remote location is seamlessly visible from a functional and management capability.This gives even our existing customers a next generation solution to their SD-WAN Applications.

  • Facilitate cloud adoption
  • Application level visibility and control
  • Automatically choose the best route for application traffic
  • Offer application level SLAs
  • Integrated security and compliance
  • Transport and carrier agnostic
  • Low TCO
  • Simplified management and zero-touch deployment


  • Steve Mulhearn, Director of Enhanced Technologies UKI & DACH