There's a $1 trillion opportunity in cybersecurity for MSSPs. There is also a glaring absence of MSSP visionaries. To take advantage of this growing opportunity, you'll need to differentiate your offerings and demonstrate that you can deliver better security for less than your competitors. Watch our webinar and find out:

  • What's driving the huge growth opportunity for MSSPs
  • How and why to become an MSSP visionary
  • The best way to deliver efficient security to your clients
  • Why Fortinet is the ideal partner for MSSPs wishing to increase profits


Stephan Tallent
Stephan Tallent Sr. Director, MSSP & Service Enablement With his high energy and passion, Stephan lends his 18 years of IT experience leading Fortinet’s Global MSSP efforts. He is also the founder and executive sponsor of the Fortinet Veterans Program, which seeks to help fill the cyber security skills gap amongst partners with exceptional, pre-qualified transitioning veterans.



Now is the time to set up your company for a bright future. Watch this discussion to learn how.