WEBINAR: Revolutionize Your Security Operations with FortiAI


In this tech-saturated world, many organizations are experiencing the burden of an overwhelmed security operations team that is struggling to keep up with threat alerts. That's where the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) fundamentally makes SecOps teams more effective. When deployed the right way, AI-driven solutions:

  • Help mitigate the effects of staffing shortages and close cyberskills gaps
  • Embed into a SecOps team's people, processes, and technology
  • Perform low-tier tasks and assist human analysts
  • Help teams improve on more rapid detection and response to security incidents


  • Anthony Giandomenico Practice Director, Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • Damien Lim Director, Products and Solutions



Join our experts to gain SOC best practices and discover solutions to augment SOC investigation. This includes a mature artificial intelligence that has been developed and trained by FortiGuard Labs, and uses Deep Learning methods designed to identify, classify, and investigate threats in less than a second.

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