Engineered for Secure SD-WAN

Business transformation with enabled security

An altered business environment has accelerated digital transformation.

Businesses are rapidly moving to cloud-based applications and services to keep branch offices and remote workers connected. Optimising critical business activities is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations in the current landscape. Secure SD-WAN has emerged as the solution to this challenge, but it must be secure to minimise the likelihood and impact of cyber and configuration incidents.

Four big advantages of Secure SD-WAN

To learn more about the advantages of Secure SD-WAN, download our whitepaper: It’s time to leave branch routers behind: four big advantages of Secure SD-WAN.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to become cloud-ready and improve the user experience with improved application agility, scalability, simplified management and orchestration, and integrated security and networking.

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Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is the only SD-WAN solution with security built-in from the ground up. Fortinet’s unique security fabric brings together four key principles to help implement and Secure SD-WAN:

1. Zero trust and visibility:

identifying and securing users and devices on and off network.

2. Dynamic cloud security:

securing and controlling cloud infrastructure and applications.

3. AI-driven security operations:

automatically preventing, detecting, and responding to cyberthreats.

4. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

single integrated system for connectivity, networking and security.

Find out how to choose the right Secure SD-WAN solution with our free checklist

To leverage performance improvements and address security vulnerabilities, you need to take a security-driven networking approach.

Download our free checklist to learn the seven requisite capabilities for SD-WAN solutions

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The network leader’s guide to Secure SD-WAN

Digital innovation is required to conduct business at speed but legacy infrastructure is slowing businesses down. SD-WAN can speed up digital transformation and reduce costs, and it’s essential to choose a secure solution.

Download our network leader’s guide to Secure SD-WAN today to find out:

  • why SD-WAN is growing so rapidly
  • why SD-WAN requires built-in security
  • why security-driven networking is non-negotiable for the future.

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